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Surgical Pathology Laboratories (SPL)

SPL is the largest provider of frozen section services

  • For diagnosis and margin evaluation of tumors throughout Florida
  • General and Subspecialty Pathologists All Board Certified

SPL provides diagnosis and margin evaluation from
our state-of-the-art laboratory or, using our at-your-site
Mobile Laboratory Units for:

  • Solo Doctor Practices
  • Group Doctor Practices
  • Surgical Centers

Advantages of our SPL mobile laboratory units.

  • An on-site expert pathologist provides frozen section diagnosis of tumors and margin evaluation.
  • Prompt diagnosis with signed diagnostic report at time of service.
  • On-site immediate tissue diagnostics provides quick closure and reduced patient wait times.
  • Reduce your expenses, as our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment is only on-site your when you need it:
    1. No need to occupy extra office space, especially when not in use
    2. No lease/purchase of equipment
    3. No salary for Pathologist
    4. No related Personnel costs
  • Improved patient experience; provide convenience and lower overall costs for your patients – they avoid hospital visits for testing and analysis.
  • One-day visit to your practice, same-day tissue results and closure.

SPL pathologists can provide plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and MOHS with specialist expertise:
Tumor diagnosis and margin evaluation of less common tumors, for example, soft tissue tumors as a part of:

  • General pathologists training expertise
  • Provide evaluation of deeply invasive tumors for angiolymhatic/perineural invasion on frozen sections and permanent sections including triple immunostaining to protect the surgeon and provide community standard patient care and – don’t leave your patient only partially examined. Click here for our additional expertise.
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