Dermatopathology: SPL provides an analysis of the potential causes of skin diseases at the cellular level.

Orthopedic Pathology: We evaluate bone diseases, arthroscopy, tendinitis, rheumatoid nodules, amputations and soft tissue tumors.

Gynecologic pathology: SPL provides diagnosis for cervical cancer and endocervical curettage. An on-site SPL pathologist can also reduce your patients stress by providing examination results in minutes.

Biopsies: SPL can determine whether a tumor is malignant, or determine the cause of an unexplained infection or inflammation. We also provide an expert biopsy service of evaluating colon, gastric, esophageal, tonsil, throat, thyroid, ear, prostate, and bladder specimens.

Whether on your site with one of our mobile labs, or at SPL’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Pinellas County, you can be assured of a very high quality evaluation and detailed report –delivered to you, when you need it.